Planting. Serving. Sending.

IAM is a church planting and compassion based organization working to see peoples, communities and nations transformed by Christ, through the global movements of Kingdom disciples. Working in South America, West Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, IAM’s goal is to see disciples of Christ rise up and continue extending His kingdom to other parts of the world. Since 1992 IAM has worked using dynamic discipleship techniques and a variety of compassion and education projects to see this goal come alive. With your support, we can continue to make this happen and see God’s kingdom reach all peoples.


IAM is a non-profit mission organization founded in 1992. The founding missionaries arrived in Chile fresh from language school to plant a church in 1977. They moved to Maipu which was a fledgling community on the outskirts of the capital, Santiago. The 1985 earthquake in Chile provided an opportunity for the church to be the Lord’s hands and feet in their surrounding community by helping build houses. By the year 2000, seven churches had been planted in Maipu and the vision had already expanded outside of their immediate community.

In the 1990’s, the Maipu churches began partnering with US teams on mission trips to Peru and Ecuador. Chilean and U.S. missionaries were also sent to Ecuador to raise up national leaders who now work with 6 church plants, elementary schools, children’s feeding programs and tutoring programs in low-income communities.

About this same time, Spanish and U.S. workers began serving in Baza, Spain, where there was no church.

Now there is a small church and the IAM team partners with a Bible center that seeks to mobilize Latin American workers to serve unreached people groups.

In the 2000’s, the compassion work of the IAM churches led them to Southern Chile to work with indigenous peoples. Through social programs, home groups, and housing aid after the 2010 earthquake 5 churches have been born.

Soon after, God opened the doors to send an exploratory team to the Middle East. First contact was made to a refugee community and today compassion work takes place through the Women’s and Family Center to bless those who are most vulnerable in that community.

God opened doors in 2010 for IAM to start working in Africa.  What started as one family in Sierra Leone has today become an international network of servants and church planters extending into neighboring Liberia.

As a movement, IAM focuses their efforts in evangelism, leadership training, church planting, education, children’s outreach, music ministry, construction, and developing leaders to carry on and expand the on-going kingdom work around the world.


* Some team members have chosen to remain anonymous for safety reasons

Chad Courtney
Chad CourtneyUS Director
Scott Wallace
Scott WallaceDirector Of Development
Jay Stearley
Jay StearleyInternational Worker
Fabiola Cripe
Fabiola CripeUS Office
Zenaida Ruiz
Zenaida RuizUS Office
Doug & Shelly Kallestad
Doug & Shelly KallestadChile
Jeff & Kathy Phillips
Jeff & Kathy PhillipsChile
Gabe & Mildred Philips
Gabe & Mildred PhilipsChile
Eric & Deborah Philips
Eric & Deborah PhilipsChile
Jake & Heidi Standerfer
Jake & Heidi StanderferChile
Kyle & Vale Kallestad
Kyle & Vale KallestadChile
Brad & Karen Volk
Brad & Karen VolkChile
David & Michelle Dwyer
David & Michelle DwyerWorld
Erin Shead
Erin SheadCanary Islands
Brian & Chiqui Ridenour
Brian & Chiqui RidenourPeru
John & Kaysie Campbell
John & Kaysie CampbellSierra Leone
Alice Rhodes
Alice RhodesSierra Leone
Dan & Danielle Hentschl
Dan & Danielle HentschlGuatemala
Family in Italy
Family in ItalyItaly
Jose Cobo
Jose CoboSpain
Dale & Encarni McKinley
Dale & Encarni McKinleySpain
Mike & Diana McKinley
Mike & Diana McKinleySpain
Brian & Lori-Jo Marlia-Larsen
Brian & Lori-Jo Marlia-LarsenPeru
Rick and Luz Zapata
Rick and Luz ZapataSpain
Kirby & Favor Kasischke
Kirby & Favor KasischkeSierra Leone
Seba & Christy Palma Kallestad
Seba & Christy Palma KallestadChile


Joe Markum
Joe MarkumPresident
Dr. Lynne Ellis-Gray
Dr. Lynne Ellis-GrayTreasurer
Jeff Philips
Jeff Philips
Jeff McKinley
Jeff McKinley
Doug Kallestad
Doug Kallestad
Gabriel Phillips
Gabriel Phillips
Jana Ruhlman
Jana Ruhlman
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace
Bryan Young
Bryan Young
Elizabeth Cassidy
Elizabeth Cassidy

“To see peoples, communities and nations transformed by Christ, through the global movements of Kingdom disciples.”


“To plant churches, serve with compassion and send disciples”


IberoAmerican Ministries (IAM), its board of directors, and individuals who serve as missionaries, do affirm and declare their belief in the Christian faith as set forth in the following:

• God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, are distinct personalities with distinct roles, but one God. And that One God is the Creator of the universe.

• Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the Savior, the Son of God who was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on a cross, and was raised from the grave. He will return as our victorious Lord.

• Salvation comes by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

• Faith in Jesus is demonstrated through repentance, confession, and obedience to His Word.

• Baptism by immersion is the biblical baptism and it demonstrates our faith and obedience while depicting our union with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection.

• All Christians have the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit who acts as a Comforter, Guide and Advocate and gifts believers for the building up of the church.

• The Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God in its entirety, and is the guide for all of life.

• The Church as the body of Christ is the extension of Jesus Christ’s character, attitude, behavior, and mission in our world today.

• Jesus has called us to take His Gospel to all nations, baptizing them, and teaching them to obey all of His commands.