Ecuador Feeding program


Please take a moment to see what God is doing in our feeding programs in Ecuador!




Located outside the larger city of Babahoyo, which is the capital of the Los Rios province, the city of Baba is a low-lying agricultural area susceptible to flooding and populated by many poor families. It is known for its banana plantations as well as rice and sugar cane fields, where many people work for large local farming operations or are substance farmers.  A plant of the Samborondon church, the thriving church in Baba serves the local residents  through regular services, children's programs and community outreach. The members of the Baba church family have also planted a small country church outside of town to reach agricultural workers and their families more easily.

 These churches are growing and sharing the only true hope for mankind in an area in great need of hope.

El Recreo


El Recreo is a church plant of the IberoAmerican Ministries (IAM) Team in Ecuador. Located just 20 minutes from the coastal city of Guayaquil, Ecuador's largest city, El Recreo is a large, low-income barrio and home to thousands of families. This community deals with tremendous economic and social problems including major alcohol and drug abuse, prostitution, juvenile delinquency, and gang related issues. We have established a church and our work is blessing  and changing this city. Relationships have been made with the community and God is using our work here in a tremendous way.



Samborondon is a gateway to the many banana plantations and rice fields where many of the area's poorer people struggle to make a decent living.

The Lord has blessed the faithfullness of our workers in this town and the result is a church that is established and alive. This church has served as a platform for missions inside Ecuador and has already sent workers to other cities, multiplying and fulfiling its calling. Our calling has also grown and we have started the Samborondon School, serving children from pre-kinder through second grade, providing them with quality Christian education.

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